Global Citizenship: A Taste of Uganda

A KS2 cross-curricular project in four Gloucestershire schools

Contributor: Mary Jeans

Contact details: CIRCLE Tel: 01452 427261


Schools wishing to undertake their own work in this area – however great or small - from a full term's cross-curricular project to a one-off school assembly - are invited to contact Mary Jeans, who is happy to discuss this with them. A large range of resources to facilitate this project are available for loan.

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Cross-curricular activities for KS2 pupils inspired by a visit to Kigulya Primary School in rural Uganda; including PSHE (“Global Citizenship”), Literacy, ICT, Geography, Art, Design and Technology, PE and Dance, Music and Drama.
Pupils in Gloucestershire will gain a deeper understanding of, empathy with, and respect for, children's lives in another locality and culture.


Click on the pictures for a larger image, and a full description of the activity.

Kingsholm C of E Primary School

Ugandan water pots

Water dance

Drum making

Kigulya Village Shop

Whitminster C of E Primary School

Textile making


African masks

Hand made balls

Tredworth Junior School

Introduction Batik Weaving Art
Read poems inspired by Rita's photo Pot designs Toys Dance and Drama

The project arose as an outcome of a trip to Uganda made by Mary Jeans, a Gloucestershire teacher, who joined 19 others from around the UK, in spending five weeks of the 2003 summer holidays, working in Ugandan rural schools under the auspices of the charity, Link Community Development, and sponsored by the Millennium Commission.   This has been followed up by Mary with work in four Gloucestershire schools and one community group, the Woodcraft Folk in Stroud.  

Through a range of “hands-on” multi-sensory learning experiences, backed up by work with photographs, maps, information books, sound recordings, stories, “A Day in the Life…” accounts of children's lives, research on the internet, etc., pupils in 8 upper Key Stage 2 classes across the four schools have been learning about Kigulya, a village in Uganda.   The work has covered National Curriculum programmes of study across a range of subjects.



Each of the four participating schools have, from the same starting point and using some of the same resources, developed their own units of work to suit the needs of their own pupils; and the outcomes have been as diverse as they have been creative. These outcomes have been shared with parents and the children in other classes through exhibitions, performances and assemblies.   Not only has the project led to an increased awareness of children's lives in Africa and some of the issues that those children face, but also to the affirmation of some of the pupils and their families in Gloucestershire who themselves have come from Africa.

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